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Why Do You Only Shoot a Limited Number of Weddings?
31 March 2014

Euphoria's catch phrase is "We shoot less weddings.  Masterpieces are not mass-produced."  That mostly sums up why we Euphoria shoots only a limited number of weddings.  We really do want each one to be a "masterpiece" in its own right.  We also know the enormous amount of heart, soul and effort that we give each wedding to achieve that standard and we would hate to produce mediocre or boringly-the-same results by churning them out - surely something our clients would never want too!  Also, we believe that this is the most important day of our clients' lives and should be photographed accordingly.  So, something of ourselves goes to each wedding.  It's not just another "day job."  It's our art to get inside the unique atmosphere of each wedding and portray that in an inventive and original way.

When two people commit the rest of their lives together, whether by elopement or before family and friends, we take our responsibilities very seriously.  It is an honour to be invited to participate in these occasions.  We never want to view these as commonplace.  (Interestingly, the online dictionary defines commonplace as hackneyed, stereotyped, styles of expression which are lifeless and uninteresting - can you imagine wedding photography like that?  Eeek!)  That's why we will always shoot less weddings and avoid the horror of the commonplace.

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