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Q&A: Wedding Blog Submission
15 October 2020

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During the decade we have been running Euphoria, we have had the honour of having our work featured on a number of fabulous wedding blogs.

We thought it would be interesting to chat about why we do that and cover some questions future clients might have about this.

Why do you submit weddings to online blogs?

As well as being a great way of getting our work out there, this is also a great way of inspiring future couples.  A lot of our couples are eloping to Skye because they want to do things a little differently - and their unique take on weddings can inspire others to follow their own individuality.

Where have you been published?

We have been featured on Offbeat Bride, Huffington Post, How He Asked by The Knot, Artfully Wed, DIY Weddings, Fly Away Bride, So You're Getting Married, We Fell In Love, Simply Elope, Wedding Lovely to name a few!

Do you submit every wedding you shoot?

No.  It can be very time consuming to collate the images, write the story and organise multiple submissions.  Last year, we were so busy photographing that we had very little time to submit anything at all.  

What if I don't want my wedding submitted?

This is totally fine!  

What if I do want my wedding submitted?

There are no guarantees of being accepted.  This is in no way a reflection of the quality of a wedding.  Each wedding blog has its own individual style and it's our responsibility as photographers to submit only to those blogs that we judge would be a good fit.  This saves both our time and the editors' time.  However, generally wedding blog editors want images that are heavily detail-focussed.  This could involve table settings, wedding decor, wedding invitations, accessories, flowers, just to name a few.  As we solely shoot elopements, often with no reception, there often aren't many details to shoot - so has a bearing on whether a wedding would get accepted or not.  

What tips do you have for photographers looking to get published?

Don't focus too much on getting published.  Although that might sound mad, your first responsibility as a photographer is to satisfy your clients.  Focus on perfecting your art, with no other distractions, and then think about getting published.

The other advice comes from Jasmine Star: "Shoot low and straight on."  Get down and immerse yourself with the details as much as you can, rather than shooting down on them.

For more great tips from Jasmine, check out her blog post on getting published here


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