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Thank You, Norma
26 December 2018

North Uist Wedding Photographer Photo

If it wasn't for Norma, this shot wouldn't exist.

The original image was a peaceful, fun shot taken on a North Uist beach at the wedding.  However, at Euphoria, we like to texture occasional images for a shot full of impact and colour.  It was Norma's idea to do that in this case.  

Nothing I was doing worked, however.  Every texture I used didn't add to the shot, but took away from it.

Until Norma suggested I use an image that was never intended to be a texture - a photograph from an early wedding where we positioned the couple against a brilliant red shed.  I borrowed the image and used it to transform the shot into something powerful.

But this image serves to tell the story of my relationship with Norma - she adds the impact to my subtlety and the colour to my monotones.  Without her pushing me to be better and to never settle for "good enough" my life would be very different.  She is the best business partner and best photographer I could work with.

Thank you, Norma.


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