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Note From Norma Life On The Isle Of Skye
05 December 2012

This morning began crisp and clear. The moon was still high in the sky while I took Macey, our two-year-old rescue Dobermann for his morning walk. There had been a heavy frost. Every step I took crunched. Only on the return was I beginning to warm up - despite the down jacket and ski mask! I took a short-cut up the hill to our home and suddenly, a V of geese appeared, flying low, right over my head! They had been silent until they saw me underneath and then began to converse loudly.

We have been giving a lot of thought to redesigning our website and today I was gathering ideas. Then, by afternoon, it was time to walk Macey again. By now, there had been a fall of snow and Macleod’s Tables (two prominent flat-topped mountains) were now capped. The sea was deadly calm. There was no wind and the day almost felt warm - just my icy toes reminded me it really was winter. Roz had joined us but returned home early and so, she missed the otter. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was just a cormorant but I waited until it surfaced. Then, I was certain. I am always amazed how long they can stay under water and how far they can move in that time. Sometimes, you need to keep scanning the surface because they’re often so much further than you imagine. After another long wait, I saw him surface again briefly and then he was gone and so was I.

On a day like today, it’s great to be alive and appreciate where we live!


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