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Note From Norma People Are Really Very Nice
04 March 2012

Sometimes the events of life might cause us to question that statement but, if you are a member of a forum or even eBay, you are continuously reminded that people really are very nice.

We have been regular contributors to the Olympus Professionals Group at LinkedIn.  There, professionals from around the world give of their time to encourage, discuss, advise, educate, inspire and stimulate one another in an amicable, non-competitive manner. No one is ever demeaning or condescending and a real bond of friendship and trust has developed between the regular members.  In spite of that, it came as a totally unexpected surprise when Roz and I were invited to become Managers in the group.  We felt really honoured but a bit inadequate too!  However, Ron Moes, who founded the group, was insistent and we have been delighted to accept the appointment.

I have been impressed with the colour, clarity and razor-sharpness of Olympus Flagship cameras and lenses.  As we shoot primarily with these, we are happy to support Olympus and the Group.  Despite some of the negative publicity recently, we are delighted to see Olympus fight back with a new camera launched last month.  It is the E-M5 and is based on the popular, original OM design and has already received positive reviews, though not yet released in the UK.  One of our colleagues at the Olympus Professionals Group has been preparing an extensive and technical review of the new camera and we will tell you more about that in future.


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