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Rocks on Scotch
Note From Norma Rocks On The Scotch
26 December 2012

Ideas come at the strangest times.  I had seen the bottle of Talisker Whisky ready for the celebration and knew that the ring detail shot had to be taken.  The two intertwined in my head at that dreamy half-sleep stage the night before the shoot.  Scotch and rings.  Rings, diamonds, rocks.  Scotch on the rocks.  Rocks on the Scotch!  And there was the idea for an interesting shot of the rings on the Talisker box set with a red tartan background, embodying the Scottish wedding theme..

Roz, running with the idea, went on to execute the shot beautifully, producing the moody Highland atmosphere in the image above.  She shot this using Olympus E-5, 15-50mm, F2.8 at F2.8, 1/30.


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