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Note From Norma Shock And Responsibility
16 March 2012

You’ll remember that we were recently invited to be managers at the Olympus Professionals Group at Linkedin?  Well, shock again!  Ron Moes, (see our Acknowledgements page for more details of Ron) the owner of the Group, has transferred ownership of the Group to us.  Unbelievable, isn’t it?

You can imagine how wobbly I felt about this one - to lead a group, even on a temporary basis, and especially a group that belonged to someone else seemed an awesome responsibility.  Were we really capable of such a thing?  Surely Ron, as an Olympus Ambassador, was right for the job?  Many more similar questions bounced around in my head and back and forth in emails to Ron.  He said to try it for a couple of months with a please at the end!  How could I resist that appeal?  He stated that he had made the decision because of our enthusiasm for the group and that he felt we had the right spirit to lead and own it.  Ron will be keeping a fatherly eye on us and be there to help all the way.

So, here we are taking another leap (in the dark) in our career and, with some trepidation, we’ve accepted the baton from Ron in the meantime.  He asked that we double the number of members!!!  Well, nothing like an easy assignment to begin with - aaagh.  Please, if you or anyone you know likes to shoot with Olympus gear, would you ask them to join the Olympus Professionals Group at Linkedin?  Thank you so much!


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