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Note From Norma With Roz Rambling Nerves Or Excitement
24 December 2012

People often wonder if we get nervous before a wedding shoot and, I have to admit, for the first few, I was extremely up-tight and nervous.  I didn’t sleep well even though I knew all our equipment was prepared and ready and that we were capable of doing the job.

When I had a shoot the following day and went to sleep the night before without any difficulty, I knew I had reached a different point and the nerves had gone!  But what was still left? - excitement - and that is remains for every wedding.  Well, it is a very exciting event for everyone involved and a little bit of a adrenalin definitely boosts creative photography. 

Norma x



I can’t really tell if I get nervous or not.  Mostly it’s a mixture of excitement and going over in my head what I need to do.  But, the night before the wedding, all the preparation has been done.  I have  already have memorized everyone’s names, the must-have shots and the timetable.  The day begins and we are ready to roll!

Roz x


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