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Roz Rambling Goodie Fun
17 March 2012

A couple of years ago, my Dad was channel-flicking (is this a male-only thing?) and alighted on a BBC4 documentary about a comedy show called The Goodies.  I ended up watching it and, from that moment on, was a devoted fan, feverishly collecting all the available DVDs.  I loved the visual humour, as well as the hilarious one-liners, most of which have found their way into my everyday conversations.  My favourite episode at the moment (it varies from day to day, as they're all brilliant) is called The End, where the three of them are trapped in their office. 

A couple of months back, I plucked up the courage to write to Tim Brooke-Taylor, one of the stars.  I spent ages researching the proper way to write to a celebrity; (and agonized for weeks and got myself into a state of nervous tension!)  I also requested a signed photograph...

Just under two weeks later, I got a reply.  I was so excited that I just stared at the envelope for a few minutes without opening it.  When I did finally open it, I read a hand-written letter from Tim, and, not one, but TWO signed photographs!  What a darling!  (He said my envelope looked like it was expecting a large photo, so he gave me one as well as a smaller, more recent one!)  The larger one is now framed and on my bedroom wall and I’m pestering my long-suffering mother for a frame to fit the smaller one. 

Ever since, I’ve been singing Tim’s praises to anyone who will listen (and for those who didn’t want to listen, I forced them anyway!) 

I’ve read that Tim googles himself, so, when you read this, Tim, please, please do leave a comment! 



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