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Ten Years Of Euphoria - Postponed
04 April 2020
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
Roz and I had been very excited to be reaching ten years of wedding photography.  We began our career with an outstanding education from Jerry Ghionis - a Master Photographer with more awards than you could imagine.  Jerry taught us to look at the multiple sources and effects of light and how these can be effectively used to sculpt the human form most flatteringly.  We continued enhancing our skills with further education from Jerry and from other world class photographic artists.
As I had blogged about this upcoming anniversary in 2020, I had always done so with a reservation.  I suppose it comes from my Grandmother who, when making plans, always added God-willing.  So, I never count my chickens too soon or refer to a future event as a certainty.  Whoever could have predicted this appalling crisis - not that it has anything to do with God’s will, of course?  I wish everything could have proceeded normally.  Roz and I have some great ideas for gorgeous elopement and proposal photography. 
Whoever could have imagined weddings ever being banned?  What was normal has become abnormal.
Obviously, we are hoping for better times ahead.  Certainly, like everyone else, we have had to change our priorities.  I remember watching a video and in it a concentration camp survivor showed a young man his camp bowl and spoon.  These became so valuable to him, during that ordeal, because they meant that he was able to eat and live!  His priority had changed from planning to be an Olympic swimmer to simply surviving.
As we all re-evaluate what is important right now, we can take whatever practical measures will help our family, friends and neighbours.  We can do our best and remember God’s will would always be for something better


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