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Wedding Photography Not A Springboard
23 December 2012

I began professional photography as a landscape photographer, using film.  I really enjoyed it - trying to see from a different viewpoint or unique lighting.  I had always wanted to photograph weddings but using film, with results unseen, I felt the responsibility was too great.  I had seen others’ entire spools ruined with scores across every transparency caused by a tiny bit of grit.  With the advent of digital playback, I could shoot weddings with confidence.  When I told my accountant what I was going to do she stated that other photographers started out shooting weddings and then advanced to greater things, that I was moving backwards.  Unfortunately this attitude of using wedding photography as a springboard has occurred in the industry.

I do not believe something as important as documenting the most significant day in a couple’s life should be viewed as a temporary stepping stone.  That is not the kind of attitude which would inspire a photographer to new and greater heights of creative achievement for the clients.  As well as the ability to interact well with the bride, groom and guests, the wedding photographer requires particular skills including knowledge of flattering posing and lighting for subjects and correct shooting techniques to isolate the subject and centre attention on the emotion or story unfolding.  It requires commitment and dedication and should be valued for the wonderful heritage left behind.  I know we all have to start somewhere but if our heart is not in wedding photography, we could easily, then, produce photographs without a heart.


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