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Why Euphoria
17 December 2012

When Roz and I first started our wedding photography business on Skye, our name was Big Shots Photography, which we thought was quite a clever play with words!  After meeting Jerry Ghionis, the Australian Master Photographer, he said that the name sounded arrogant and we were anything but arrogant.  He coaxed us with a number of questions about ourselves, particularly addressing Roz and that was when we came up with our new brand name - Euphoria! 

Euphoria is defined as a feeling of overwhelming pleasurable emotion or elation, bliss, joy, exuberance, jubilance - any or all to be felt by a couple getting married.  The photographic experience is also part of the day’s Euphoria as we make it light-hearted and fun.  As well as the experience of being photographed being enjoyable, the results, which tell the story of the day, remain a long-lasting reliving of the Euphoria.

You can imagine how grateful we are to Jerry for his insight and interest in us enabling us to redefine what we actually achieve with out work and our name reminds us too of how much joy we get to share with all our beautiful couples.


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