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Why We Like Olympus
19 December 2012

As professionals, we always want to use the very best equipment to produce the highest quality images for our clients.  Gear is, of course, only part of the story.  As we all know, cameras don’t take photographs, people do.  But, people who take photographs prefer good equipment.

Having used a number of different brands of camera, we have consistently found Olympus cameras and Pro lenses to produce blisteringly sharp photographs in good lighting situations.  In addition, these cameras and lenses are waterproof - a big plus for photographing in Scottish rain!  They can  go on shooting when other models would be forced to give up.  We have proven this on a wedding shoot.  Roz‘ lens was finally so rain-smeared, she was producing the most gorgeous, soft misty shots!  (The bride and groom managed to stay snug and dry under a huge umbrella.)  The cameras have even been left out overnight in snow and were ready to shoot the next day - not by us, of course!  Ours nestle at night safely!

We do use Canon full-frame cameras as well and a future blog will consider why.


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