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Why We Shoot With Canon
20 December 2012

As you know, we love Olympus Flagship Cameras and Pro Lenses for their superb sharpness and rugged “all-weather” construction.  So why do we also use Canon full-frame cameras and L-lenses?

In yesterday’s blog, we made the point that we use Olympus in good lighting situations.  To prevent digital noise appearing so much in extreme low light images, we will use Canon.  Like most professional wedding photographers, we prefer to photograph, where possible, without flash (unless we are using off-camera flash for dramatic lighting effects.)  At receptions and low light indoor settings, it becomes necessary to use much higher ISO’s to continue shooting without flash.  Some cameras produce images with less grainy noise at these settings.  These images are more smooth and pleasing - unless, of course, you want to use noise as a photographic effect!  For example, Olympus cameras include a number of art filters, one of which is Grainy Black and White.  Here the graininess becomes a feature of the photograph.

So, dependant upon conditions, you will find us twiddling different dials and pressing different buttons when we switch from brand to brand!  All that really matters is that you look your most beautiful self throughout the entire day and night!


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